COVID Protocol Spring 2022

COVID Guidelines for Spring 2022 Ozark Sufi Camp

The camp organizing committee arrived at these guidelines through research and lots of discussion, partially modeled after other similar events. We realize that some people will feel left out no matter what decisions are made, but most people involved in making these difficult decisions agreed that these guidelines are necessary at this time for the best protection of our group to avoid contracting the virus while at camp. 

  1. Attendees five years of age and older must be vaccinated. Proof of vaccine is required.

Your registration is not complete until we receive a copy of your vaccination card. 


text: (573) 999-6635

  1. Attendees should be very careful to avoid risk of contracting COVID for ten to fourteen days prior to camp. This means you need to avoid crowds, large gatherings of any kind, indoor gatherings with those outside your small bubble, and wear a mask and use hand sanitizer or wash your hands often while at work or going to the grocery store, etc. Do not get your hair cut during this time and avoid being around any person who interacts with a lot of people. Maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  2. Unless you have recently recovered from COVID, (if that is the case, please contact the registrar at ) you are required to complete a PCR test 36 to 72 hours prior to camp.   In many areas, Walgreens offers free PCR testing by appointment: You can also check this website for more information: Find PCR & Antigen Covid test locations near me for Travel (
  1. You are required to complete an onsite rapid antigen test immediately upon arrival. Please bring this test with you.  CVS and other pharmacies state that some insurance plans will cover free tests ordered through them (though not Medicare/Medicaid). Also, the government will now send you a second order of four tests per household for free; go here to order them: 
  1. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please stay home. 
  1. No Re-Entry: Once you check in at camp, you cannot leave Rising Sun and re-enter (unless you are staying at Red Bud). Campers cannot go into town or leave the State Park and then return. This is so that everyone can stay as safe as possible and protected from risk of exposure to COVID.

Current research indicates that vaccinated people can both contract and transmit the virus, so the best protection for yourself and everyone else is avoiding infection for 10-14 days before a retreat, a PCR test a few days before attending, a rapid antigen test on arrival at the retreat, and not attending at all if feeling ill. To reiterate, being vaccinated is not a guarantee of avoiding infection; test results and caution in public are.  

“Vaccinated only” is not the conclusion we would have liked to have reached, and we will be opening the camps up to both vaccinated and unvaccinated if the trajectory of the virus and the information coming from reputable news sources continues as it has been going.  We would continue to require testing, but as the thrust of the virus lessens, so do the number of test locations and the availability of affordable tests. Our understanding is that we are no longer in a pandemic, but an endemic, and the strict precautions previously in place are no longer necessary; COVID, like other virus strains we are faced with constantly, is not “going away” so some precautions are still necessary.