COVID Protocol Spring 2023

COVID Guidelines for Spring 2023 Ozark Sufi Camp

The camp organizing committee arrived at these guidelines through research and lots of discussion, partially modeled after other similar events. We realize that some people will feel left out no matter what decisions are made, but most people involved in making these difficult decisions agreed that these guidelines are necessary at this time for the best protection of our group to avoid contracting the virus while at camp. 

Please note that walk-in campers must follow pre-camp COVID protocol just like campers who pre-register. We will turn you away if you did not self-test twice as directed before arriving. 

COVID Testing Process

As you come down the Camp Rising Sun campground road, you will find a COVID TESTING STATION on the road next to the first Teacher Cabin. Wait in your vehicle until it is your turn to go through the testing process with one of the nurses on our Health and Safety team.  

We are not requiring vaccinations nor a PCR test. We ask that you stay away from crowds for 10 days before camp, social distance, wear masks, and wash your hands as common sense informs.

You will need 3 – 4 COVID rapid test kits. Here is the procedure to follow as you prepare for camp:

1.   Self-test 2 days before you come to camp.

2.   We recommend that you self-test before you set out for camp, especially if you have a long way to travel. If you test positive, do not come to camp! Once at camp, you need to affirm the negative results of your self-tests. 

3.   At the COVID Testing Station, the Health and Safety team will test you using the COVID rapid self-test kit that every camper in the vehicle must bring.   

4.   Next, you move your vehicle to park in the teacher cabin parking area for the 15 minutes needed by your self-test kit to show results.

5.   Once we check off that your self-test results show negative for COVID, you drive on to the Dining Hall Parking area to check in at the Registration table in the Dining Hall. From then on, it’s just good old Ozark Sufi Camp!

6.   Twenty-four hours after you check in, please self-test again. There will be an ancillary testing station near the dining hall. If you test positive, isolate yourself and send word to Sarfaraz Knight, Joe Dougherty, Ayesha Graham-Henning, Lora Bear, or Nur Rahman Locke.

NOTE: We may not have extra rapid test kits. You can purchase them at CVS, Walgreens, Target, and other retail stores. For those on Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, your insurance will pay for up to 8 self-tests per month until May 11, 2023.

Please note that these COVID guidelines are subject to change depending on changes to the level of COVID risk at the time of camp.