Fall 2020 Virtual Ozark Camp

Dear Friends,

Thank you so, so very much for coming together with open hearts and willing spirits to co-create together this Virtual Ozark Sufi Camp. We are truly blessed!

Many of the sessions from this camp are available as recordings below. We invite you to revisit them as often as you like, to continue receiving encouragement and sustenance for your journey. You are also welcome to share this page with others. Let us continue to carry in our hearts this shining gem of compassion that we polished throughout the camp, and let it be a source of comfort to us in the months to come.

This camp was offered free of charge, and we also welcome donations. Your generosity enables us to cover our operating costs and support our beloved teachers. You can donate here, or use the buttons below to make a donation at any time.

Descriptions of all sessions can be found here (or at the “Schedule” link in the menu). Please note that because of the personal nature of “in the moment” sharing, not all sessions are available for viewing. However, we think you’ll find lots here to capture the spirit of Ozark Sufi Camp until we meet again.

Thank you again for all you do to make this retreat possible. See you in the Spring!

Gayan Galik
Fall 2020 Camp Director

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Camp Videos

Friday, October 9

Friday Evening Program: Zikr, Dances of Universal Peace, and Sufi Practices, led by Allaudin Ottinger, Munira Reed, Rahimah Sweeney, Azim Miller, Farhad Pierce, NurAna Wilanski, Hakima Greentree, Gayan Galik, and friends

Saturday, October 10

Saturday Morning Program: Zikr and Dances of Universal Peace, led by Farhad Pierce, Jyoti Brook, Kristy Marie NurJehan Chishti

Class: Tuning the Heart – Taming the Mind, led by Nuria Sabato

Class: See No Stranger, led by Satya Grunthaner

Class: Enfolding the World in Love, led by Firdousi Wyrick

Saturday Evening Program: Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and Sufi Zikr, led by Munira Reed, Firdousi Wyrick, and friends

Sunday, October 11

Sacred Movement Celebration led by Radha Distlehorst


Universal Worship led by Malika Lyon and friends

To make a donation of any amount, use this button:

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