Spring 2020 Virtual Ozark Camp

Enjoy Recordings from Spring Camp:

“Listening to the Resonance, Virtually and Beyond”

Held Friday night, May 22, 2020 to Sunday morning, May 24, 2020

Friday, May 22

Dances, Zikr, and Practices: Allaudin and Friends – featuring musical duo HuDost and other special guests.

Saturday, May 23

Qi Gong Sufi Style – Habiba Cynthia Dollard

What We Know Through Resonance – Rahimah Sweeney, Akbar and Jessica Bromby Miller

Love Light Life – Nuria Sabato

Alone Together with God – Firdousi Wyrick

Zikr with Allaudin and Firdousi – Allaudin Ottinger and Firdousi Wyrick

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