Spring 2021 Virtual Camp

Below are videos from many of the sessions at Spring 2021 Virtual Ozark Sufi Camp: Finding Our Way Back Home. We hope you will enjoy them!


Welcome, Shabbat, Dances of Universal Peace, and Zikr 

with Allaudin and Friends from East and West as well as MidWest



Late Night Zikr

with Jessica & Akbar Bromby Miller, Amir Baker, Bryn Morgan, Kira Harkins, Galen Deery, Sarah Leila Manolson, Sophia Ramirez, Kristy Marie Nur Jehan Chishty and Pamela Fetterman on drums

Zikr led by Local and global next generation leaders. Everyone is welcome. It will be so beautiful to share this collective space together.



Qi Gong Sufi Style

with Habiba Dollard 

This class will explore wazifas and prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, aligned with breath and traditional Qi Gong movements to awaken body and spirit for the day. For Spring of 2021, a short Tai Chi sequence will be taught as a prayer practice.




with Farishta, Omkar, Malika, and Gayan



Love Life Live! 

with Murshida Nuria Sabato 

Knowledge without love is lifeless. (HIK) The inner life, the spiritual path is the “loving of the everyday life.” Together we will dive into this subject of uniting the Inner Life with Everyday Life in Love.



Kid’s Camp Play

with Joann McMillan and Lori Thweatt

Children! (of ALL ages of course) Please provide a “show and tell” for your favorite color so you can participate in the brand new “children’s rainbow pageant!”



Recalibrating ~ Sound, Movement, and Community To Reset the Nervous System for “What’s Next”

with Yasmin Germaine Haut

This journey humans attempt is fraught with both “glimmers” and “triggers”, welcomings and warnings. We calibrate our inner compass as we sniff the air and turn toward what our senses point out. We aim ourselves where and how? In this 1- hour session Yasmin will share an introduction to ways our inner compass has been fine tuned for danger “triggers” over the past year, and how noticing “glimmers” can lead us Toward Unity within and without.



Practices and Teachings of Murshid Samuel Lewis and Murshida Vera Corda

with Allaudin Ottinger and Yasmin Starlet Scott



How to Be Home in the Infinite Bones of the Universe

with Firdousi Wyrick

Sufi lessons on feeling security in insecure times.



Saturday Night Zikr

with Allaudin, Firdousi, Yasmin Haut, Murshida Rahimah and Friends



Late Night Porch Singing

with Hakima Tomi Greentree



Ecstatic Universal Worship 

with Rev. Cherag Malika Lyon, Clark Jamison, and Friends

 In this non-traditional Zoom Universal Worship, special guests will each light a candle and share from a tradition that they have personally embraced, to create a true sharing of worship with many different faith traditions represented.

Special Guests:
Yasmin Germaine Haut
Madhuri Farista Staley
Darvesha MacDonald
Jessica Bromby & Akbar Chris Miller with special guest, Grandmother Pershlie Ami
Tai-Amri Spann-Ryan
NurAna Naomi Wilansky and Hakam Dan Liechty
Rev. Cherag Shannon Clare Gorres
Hassan Raven Wolf C. Felton
Azim Curtis Miller
Allaudin Ottinger
Rev. Siraj ZubinNur Westrik


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