Tips for Having a Great Virtual Camp

  • Zoom comes out with updates frequently. We recommend updating your copy of Zoom just before camp begins so that you don’t miss out on any of the programming being shared. Find instructions for how to update Zoom here
  • Please keep your microphone muted at all times, unless invited to unmute yourself by a presenter. 
  • We love connecting with you via Zoom, but we know that Zoom can be exhausting. The Saturday afternoon schedule has some space built in between sessions so that you can step away from your computer, move around, get some fresh air, or simply have some quiet time to integrate the teachings and practices. 
  • You may wish to set aside a dedicated space in your home where you’ll go to attend camp. It does not have to be large or permanent – just a corner will do. You can help create a retreat atmosphere by adding a candle, a journal, a cushion, a picture of your guide, or any other elements that help you get into a relaxed and devotional state of mind and heart. 
  • Camp is more fun with friends. If you know others who would enjoy this online retreat, please feel free to forward the access information to them.
  • If you feel you have benefited from a session, please help us cover our operating costs and compensate our teachers by making a donation here! Thank you!