Welcome Campers

39th Annual Spring Ozark Sufi Camp

“Finding Our Way Back Home” 

Will Be Held Virtually

Friday, May 28 through Sunday, May 30, 2021

After more than a year of uncertainty, anxiety, isolation, and even deaths, we finally see the possibilities of in-person gathering once again, maybe already for Fall Camp. Looking back over this time, with the coming Spring in the air and in our Spirits, we want to appreciate the gifts this year has given us as well as the pain. May the joy and anticipation we feel in ourselves of coming reunion not overshadow the blessings of time, interiority, meditation and quietness we have been given during these past months. Finding our way back home, may the song of prayer be in our hearts and minds – good where we’ve been, good where we’re going to! Please join in with us for what may be the last of the “Zoom” Camps!  

Spring 2021 Camp Directors: NurAna Naomi Wilansky and Hakam Dan Liechty

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Our Teachers

We are honored to welcome many new and returning teachers for this camp, including Allaudin Ottinger, Yasmin Starlet Scott, Nuria Sabato, Rahimah Sweeney, Marty Amin Kraft, Jessica and Akbar Bromby Miller, Yasmin Haut, Habiba Dollard, Chris Henke, Ahura Grace, Amina & Arif, Azim Miller, Farhad Pierce, and many others. 

We will enjoy offerings from many members of the community, including:

Ahura Grace Henke
Akbar Miller
Allaudin Dean Ottinger
Amina Silk 
Amir Nick Baker
Arif Leininger
Ayesha Henning
Azim Miller
Aziza Riely
Chanda Shannon C. Gorres
Darvesha MacDonald

Diane Olden
Douglas Stevenson
Farhad Pierce
Farishta Staley
Firdousi Wyrick
Gayan Galik
Gina Armstrong
Grandmother Pershlie Ami
Habiba Dollard
Hakima Greentree
Hassan Raven Wolf Jennings
Jessica Bromby
Joann McMillan
Jyoti Brook
Lori Thweatt
Malika Lyon
Marty Amin Kraft
Nur Jemaluddin Chris Henke
Nuria Sabato
Omkar Clark Jamison
Rahima Jill Moore
Radha Distlehorst
Rahimah Sweeney 
Tai-Amri Spann-Ryan
Yasmin Germaine Haut
Yasmin Starlet Scott
Yusef Janowski

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