Please Note: This camp is run entirely by volunteers, and each staff member is fitting this labor of love in with their other responsibilities in life. Please be patient if you do not receive an immediate response to your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

For questions about teaching and programming, or scholarship opportunities, please contact Jalal Joe Dougherty at or (913) 594-2372.

Musicians interested in playing for Dances, Zikr, and other events please contact Music Director Hakam Dan Liechty at

Kids Camp Parents: For information about half-scholarships for parents, contact Kids Camp Director Lori Thweatt at

Tent Camping and RVs: The park rangers are allowing a limited number of tent campers within the Rising Sun campground and near the dock area down by the lake. A few small RVs may also be allowed (no electric or water hookups). Contact Aziza Riely at or 573-999-6635 (subject Camping and RVs) for more information about either of these options.

Healing Temple
This dedicated space provided by the camp is for the use of healing practitioners, teachers, and campers. There is a Dervish Healing Order Circle daily open to all campers, as Spiritual Healing is one of the five concentrations of the Hazrat Inayat Khan lineage.

Healing practitioners may offer services for pay, for barter, for trade, or for free (as they choose). Practitioners who charge for services are asked to tithe 10% of their income to the camp.

Healing practitioners who charge for services must be licensed/certified if these credentials exist for their modality so please bring your credentials to camp if you plan to charge for services. Once a day the Healing Temple is reserved for the Dervish Healing Order Circle Only, so schedule accordingly.

Vendors at the Bazaar: Check in with the Registrar in the dining hall upon arrival. Vendors are expected to tithe 10% of total sales back to the camp.

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