Camp Fees

Camp fees are deeply discounted for adults and seniors registering and paying early (see chart). This helps you out financially and helps us get ready for camp. To reserve a space at camp, a $100 minimum deposit per adult must be sent postmarked or online registered by Friday, Sept. 15th.

Age Early Reg. Discount Postmarked After Sept. 15
Adult: 31-64 $180 or $100/day $220 or $100/day
Senior: 65+ $160 or $70/day $210 or $80/day
YA: 20-30 $160 or $60/day $160 or $70/day
Teen: 13-19 $100 or $40/day $100 or $60/day
Child: 5-12 $50 or $30/day $50 or $30/day

Fees at the Gate (applies to any 24 hour period):
$100/day for Adults; $80/day for Seniors; $70/day for Young Adults; $60/day for Teens; $30/day for each Child.

No fees for children under 5. They may not be assigned a bunk bed if camp is well attended.

EVERYONE, including Teachers and Staff, needs to send in a registration form or register online! We use it as THE document for each camper, including cabin assignments, and it helps us serve you.

Non-Refundable Insurance Premium Surcharge $10 for All: Liability insurance premium costs keep rising. All campers except Guest Teachers and children under 5 pay an additional $10.

Please note that Thursday arrival is $50 unless you are a teacher or staff member (those with scholarships) or with prior approval by Co-Managers. We welcome those ready to chip in and help us set up camp.

Daily Headcounts: Your arrival and departure day / time on your registration form helps us plan for headcounts at meals. Getting your registration form with fees paid by September 15th will allow us to save money in bulk food purchase, thereby keeping your fall camp fees affordable.

Loving Service Requirements: Sign up when you check in for 2 camp tasks. For those who choose not to participate in this sacred communal opportunity, there is an additional fee of $20 per day or $80 for the whole camp, payable with registration form.

Please make checks payable to:
Shining Heart Community

and mail to Registrar:

Gayan Angela Galik
3078 W. 134th Place
Broomfield, CO 80020

Or use our online registration page here!

For registration questions, contact Gayan at

If you decide to come to camp the week before camp (after Sept. 27th) call Registrar Gayan Galik at 612-702-4535 and bring your form and payment with you to camp.

Cancellations Calendar:

Refunds take 6 to 8 weeks after camp ends to process.

Your fees are fully refunded, minus the $10 insurance charge, if you notify our registrar, Gayan Galik, by Sept. 15th.

There is a $50 per adult cancellation fee if you notify the registrar between September 15th and the first day of camp (October 6th). Call her at (612)-702-4535 as soon as you realize you are not coming!

No refunds after camp starts on October 6th.

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