The heart of every camp is the staff that serves the basic needs of our camp community. Consider applying for a half or full scholarship in one of camp’s “departments”, most notably in the kitchen and dining area. It is a great way to get to know other campers and become one of us in our staff community.

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the entire camp. Certain positions absolutely require arrival on Thursday, the day before camp opens. We also need help breaking down camp by noon on Tuesday. Half-scholarships generally involve one shift a day for a couple of hours. There are a wide variety of times so that you can still attend camp activities that you most enjoy.

Kids Camp Half-Scholarships for Parents
The Camp Board has made the financial commitment to make camp affordable for our campers who have children. Any parent with a child or children under 12 at camp who wants a half-scholarship in Kids Camp can have one, on a one-parent-one-child basis. A parent with more than one child can still have a half scholarship in Kids Camp. This also applies to parents with a child or children under 5. Contact Kids Camp Director Sydney Bernstein for details.

Scholarship questions?

Contact Jami Crocker, Camp Co-Manager at with Scholarship in the subject line of the email.

Requests best sent in by September 15th.

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