Kids Camp

Introducing Ozark Sufi Kids Camp!

The Kids Camp is full of love and light! Any child 5 and older can be dropped off at Kids Camp during designated hours to allow parents to go to classes and evening programs. Younger children are welcome to join in with a parent!

Fun times!
Sports and Hikes and Parades! Crafts and Games! Music! Story Time!

Our Kids and Us!
All camp Shabbat Service Friday evening at 7:15
Kid’s Play on Sunday evening at 7:30
Sunday Kids Universal Worship
Japanese Tea Ceremony

Kids Camp Half-Scholarships for Parents!
Our community offers a scholarship program for people who bring their children to camp. For those with children under age five, one parent/guardian can attend camp on a half scholarship. The parent is not required to formally serve on staff, but they will be responsible for their own children at all times and are encouraged to attend kids camp along with them. Informal parent co-ops are encouraged to allow parents of young children to attend some classes. Parents or guardians of children age five or older can apply for a half scholarship (there are a limited number of scholarships) to serve on staff. Please contact Kids Camp director Aziza Riely at for further questions or to inquire about receiving a scholarship.

Please Note: Kids Camp no longer takes the children swimming as an activity. Parents will now get to enjoy swimming with their children as a child must be with a parent to enter the water. We emphasize that Life Jackets are recommended when lake swimming, especially for non-swimmers and the younger children. Noodles are not safety flotation devices. There are no life guards. Camp is not responsible for the safety of any swimmers.

Registration Information:
No registration fees are charged for children under 5 and they are not necessarily assigned a bunk. They must be on a registration form, however. Please note that every camper aged 5 and up is required to pay a $10 Liability Insurance Surcharge.

Please be aware that ticks and chiggers exist at camp, especially in dry autumn leaves. Your insect repellent should be effective on them. Natural insect repellents are encouraged.

Here is a Missouri State Parks link about what to do to avoid ticks:

Ticks in Missouri State Parks

To monitor the camp’s potential weather, look up Osage Beach, MO 65065 online. Temperatures in central Missouri vary day to day and hour to hour. Think layers as you pack your clothes.

Puppet Show

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